ThatTeowonna.com is on hiatus. Feel free to look around and enjoy reading past posts.

Teowonna Clifton is That Teowonna! She is a communications specialist, which pays the mortgage, and a blogger and events reviewer, which satisfies the soul. She is located in Columbia, SC and has been the featured entertainment correspondent for MyMetroTV on WACH Fox 57. She has also been the community events columnist for the SC Black News. But you can catch her ‘out and about’ any day of the week as she experiences all the MetroCity has to offer!


In my own words…
I started blogging basically to have a platform to voice my opinion about the things in life that are important to me. Those things are politics, current events, society and anything dealing with The Metro. But I really found my niche when I started reviewing events and entertainment!

I got into reviewing events when I grew determined to get out of the house and not let life pass me by. Then I thought about all the people who want to get out but can’t. My event reviews are how I share the Metro with them.

After a year or so, my event reviews turned into a conversation… with the whole city! You can catch me any given day on the streets of Columbia hosting my man-on-the-street segment, Sidewalk Talk!

When it comes to politics and social issues, many times I am a lone voice. My opinions are often contrary to popular beliefs. Good… Sometimes we need someone to challenge the conventional.